Industrial Security

Code Name StartDate/Location
IS01 Modern Conception of Industrial Security
IS02 Supervisory Skills in Industrial Security
IS03 Accidents' Reporting Requirements and Offenses Recognition
IS04 Investigation in Industrial Security
IS05 Risks, Accidents and Emergency Situation within the Establishment
IS06 Security Systems of Industrial Establishments
IS07 Skills Required For Effective and Efficient Security Reporting and Notification
IS08 Security Administration and Training Procedures
IS09 Communication Skills and Relations with Others for Industrial Security
IS10 Systematic Fundamentals to Construct Security Leaders
IS11 Developing and Upgrading Security Leadership
IS12 Protection Measures against Potential Hazards Encountered within the Establishment
IS13 Safety of Industrial Security Personnel
IS14 Conception, Principles & Basic for Industrial Security
IS15 Security Procedures for Personnel, Documentation and Information
IS16 Applied Study for Management and Control of Security Emergencies and Disasters
IS17 Developing of Legal Awareness and Security Performances for Industrial Security Personnel
IS18 Function and Responsibilities of Industrial Security Personnel
IS19 Traffic Flowing Procedures within the Establishment
IS20 Planning of Security Operations
IS21 Security Crisis Management