Accounting & Financial Management

Code Name StartDate/Location
AF01 Accounting in Oil and Gas Companies
AF02 Statistical Analysis
AF03 Advanced Budgeting Workshop
AF04 Advanced Financial Accounting
AF05 Financial Analysis in Oil and Gas Companies
AF06 Basic Petroleum Economics
AF07 Budgeting as a Tool for Decision Making
AF08 Cash Flow Management Dec. 17, 2017
AF09 Commercial Mindset
AF10 Cost Management Workshop
AF11 Effective Accountant
AF12 Effective Internal Auditor
AF13 Financial Accounting for Non Finacials
AF14 Finance Planning and Budgeting in Oil and Gas Companies
AF15 Financial Auditing and Control
AF16 Financial Planning, Control and Performance Evaluation in the Governmental and Not-for-Profit Organizations (NPO)
AF17 Issues of Budgeting and Control in the Governmental Sector
AF18 Petroleum financial Management
AF19 Principal of Cost Recovery
AF20 Advanced Treasury Management
AF21 Using Cost Information to Control in The Governmental Sector and Non Profitable Organizations
AF22 Value Management :Maximizing Productivity and Performance
AF23 Cost Analysis and Performance Measurement
AF24 Government Finance Statistics Manual (GFSM 2001- Basic)
AF25 Government Finance Statistics Manual (GFSM 2001- Advanced)
AF26 Economics of Sea Transport and International Trade Nov. 26, 2017
AF27 Financial and Management Accounting in Shipping Industry