International Expertise Association (INTEX) is a privately-held stock company established under the law (159) of 1981. INTEX has its main office in Cairo located at 47 Abd Al Razak Al Sanhouri St. (5th Floor), Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.

INTEX is fast growing as it was established in 1992 and progressively expanding. Over the years, it has evolved as an ISO registered organization nationally positioned among the top three providers of specialized consulting and training services.

Today, INTEX has gained the expertise and resources to offer diversified state-of-the art services to its clients in Oil and Gas Industry, in addition to business organizations that are known to be meticulous and careful in selecting and using consulting firms. INTEX also has the funds procurable for big training projects. Company’s training center is adequately equipped with modern instructional systems including Multimedia-based facility. The training center contains nine conference rooms of varied size and design to suit different levels and numbers of participants. Resources available for INTEX training projects include a solid network of Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) who combine academic vigor and rigorous operational backgrounds, in addition to instructional teams having the ability to adapt to different types of cultural environments and can effectively transfer know-how across borders with ease. Instructors in INTEX can also present customized, client directed courses in the areas of interest for clients’ choice. All custom – designed courses, or events (hands-on and OJT Plans) can be expanded to fit the time available for implementing desired training.


To provide state of the art training and consulting services of high quality to fulfill the requirements and expectations of clients throughout the world.


To contribute the development of professional competencies of Arab workforce to enable them to cope with the challenges of the globalization and competitive environment.


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