Production & Operation Technology

Code Name StartDate/Location
PR01 Modern Methods of Heavy Oil Production
PR02 Advanced Production & Operating Techniques
PR03 Production Technology
PR04 Well Planning & Engineering
PR05 Well Service Engineering & Operations
PR06 Artificial Lift Systems
PR07 Gas Lift & Gas Pumping
PR08 Beam Pumps
PR09 Electrical Submersible Pumps
PR10 Production Optimization For Mature Fields
PR11 Natural Gas Production Technology
PR12 Coiled Tubing Applications For Production Operations
PR13 Modern Techniques to Mending of Casing tubes
PR14 Natural Gas Dehydration For Operators
PR15 Crude Oil Supply Movement &Techniques Proficiency
PR16 Increase Efficiency formation who its Caring Heavy & Viscous Oil
PR17 Surface Development & Operations
PR18 Surface Production Facilities
PR19 Production Problem Solving
PR20 Plant Shutdown Systems
PR21 Production Equipment Systems in Oil Fields
PR22 Production Subsurface Operations
PR23 Surface Production Operations
PR24 Offshore Operation
PR25 Wireline Operations
PR26 Safety Practices in Wireline
PR27 Control Systems for Operators
PR28 Well Testing Operations
PR29 Best Practices for Effective Operations, Production & Plant Management
PR30 Crude Oil Sample Evaluation
PR31 Gas Dehydration and Booster Station Utilities
PR32 Advanced Crude Oil and Water Quality Specification
PR33 Standard Equipment for Crude Oil and Water Analysis
PR34 Process Plant Optimization Technology & Continual Improvement