Reservoir Engineering

Code Name StartDate/Location
RS01 Reservoir Engineering Appraisal & Development Dec. 27, 2020
RS02 Reserves Estimation
RS03 Advanced Reservoir Engineering
RS04 Well Test Design & Analysis
RS05 Waterflooding Field Applications & Monitoring Performance
RS06 Study of Vertical and Horizontal Well Nets, Development of Oil and Gas Field and the Carbonate Fractured Rocks Dec. 13, 2020
RS07 Advanced Coring & Core Analysis
RS08 Miscible Gas Injection
RS09 Improved Waterflooding Dec. 27, 2020
RS10 Advanced Well Log Interpretation & Application
RS11 Management of Condensate Oil & Gas Reservoir for Carbonate Fractured Rocks Nov. 29, 2020
RS12 Reservoir Simulation Dec. 20, 2020
RS13 Advanced Gas Reservoir Engineering Dec. 27, 2020
RS14 Cased Hole Drill Stem Testing
RS15 Mechanism of Work & Operate Modern (LOG) station & its Calibration
RS16 Reservoir Management
RS17 Reservoir Characterization: A Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach
RS18 Improving Calcareous & Sandy Oil Reservoirs Dec. 13, 2020
RS19 Methods of Oil Production from Water Flooded Reservoirs
RS20 Modern Methods to Improve Calcareous Formations
RS21 Reservoir Fluid Properties:(Preparation for Reservoir Engineering & Simulation Studies) Dec. 20, 2020
RS22 Reservoir Simulation Strategies