Reservoir Engineering

Code Name StartDate/Location
RS01 Reservoir Engineering Appraisal & Development
RS02 Reserves Estimation
RS03 Advanced Reservoir Engineering
RS04 Well Test Design & Analysis
RS05 Waterflooding Field Applications & Monitoring Performance
RS06 Study of Vertical and Horizontal Well Nets, Development of Oil and Gas Field and the Carbonate Fractured Rocks
RS07 Advanced Coring & Core Analysis
RS08 Miscible Gas Injection
RS09 Improved Waterflooding
RS10 Advanced Well Log Interpretation & Application
RS11 Management of Condensate Oil & Gas Reservoir for Carbonate Fractured Rocks
RS12 Reservoir Simulation
RS13 Advanced Gas Reservoir Engineering
RS14 Cased Hole Drill Stem Testing
RS15 Mechanism of Work & Operate Modern (LOG) station & its Calibration
RS16 Reservoir Management
RS17 Reservoir Characterization: A Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach
RS18 Improving Calcareous & Sandy Oil Reservoirs
RS19 Methods of Oil Production from Water Flooded Reservoirs
RS20 Modern Methods to Improve Calcareous Formations
RS21 Reservoir Fluid Properties:(Preparation for Reservoir Engineering & Simulation Studies)
RS22 Reservoir Simulation Strategies