Code Name StartDate/Location
EL01 Fundamentals of Electrical Equipment
EL02 Electrical Maintenance Principles & Applications
EL03 Electrical Installations in the Oil Industry
EL04 Safety Practices in Handling & Installing Electrical Systems
EL05 Electrical Installations in Petroleum Industry (NEC) Regulations
EL06 Maintenance and Protection of Transformer Stations
EL07 Underground Cables Design, Installation and Protection
EL08 Electrical Power System & Power Generator Control
EL09 Safety Grounding
EL10 Reactive Power Management and Power Factor Correction
EL11 Power System Operation (LDC)
EL12 Voltage Control in Power Plants
EL13 Transient Performance of Electric Power Systems
EL14 Battery and Battery Charges With Application to UPS
EL15 Electrical Preventive Maintenance
EL16 Capacitors in Distribution System
EL17 Circuit Breaker Control
EL18 Electric Distribution Systems (Operation, Testing & Protection)
EL19 Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Planning
EL20 Electrical Control and Drawings
EL21 Electrical Load Forecasting
EL22 Electrical Motors
EL23 Electrical Power Substation Maintenance
EL24 Electrical Safety Codes
EL25 Electrical Switchgear for Engineers
EL26 Introduction to Exciter / Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
EL27 HV Switching
EL28 Power Factor Testing
EL29 Power Distribution Load
EL30 Power Quality & System Harmonics
EL31 Power Plant Electrical System
EL32 AC Electrical Motors & Drivers
EL33 Electrical Maintenance
EL34 Transformer Principles and Applications
EL35 Switchgears (Construction, Operation, Maintenance & Testing)
EL36 Uninterruptible Power Supply
EL37 Power System Grounding
EL38 Power System Analysis & Control
EL39 Transmission Line Protection
EL40 Electrical Power Plants (Types, Design, Operation and Control)