Instrumentation & Process Control

Code Name StartDate/Location
IP01 Automatic Process Control
IP02 Fiber Optical Cables and its Equipments–PDH, SDH Systems
IP03 Supervising Laboratory Operations
IP04 Digital & Micro Telecommunication Systems
IP05 Basics of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC I)
IP06 Advanced & Applications of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC II)
IP07 Calibration of Electrical and Electronic Measuring Instruments
IP08 Electronic Instrumentation for Industrial Processes
IP09 Process Control Instrumentation Technology
IP10 Maintenance of Electrical and Electronic Measuring Instruments
IP11 Distribution Control System (DCS)
IP12 Advanced Control Systems
IP13 Control System in Station (DCS /PLC)
IP14 Advanced Process Control
IP15 Instrumentation Control & Mechanical Equipment Maintenance
IP17 Control Systems for Operators
IP18 Control Systems
IP19 Monitoring Control Systems