Instrumentation & Process Control​

Code Course Duration Start Date End Date Location Register
IP01 Automatic Process Control 5 7-Jan-24 11-Jan-24 Cairo
7-Jul-24 11-Jul-24 Cairo
IP02 Fiber Optical Cables and its Equipments–PDH, SDH Systems 10 4-Feb-24 15-Feb-24 Cairo
4-Aug-24 15-Aug-24 Cairo
IP03 Supervising Laboratory Operations 5 3-Mar-24 7-Mar-24 Kuala Lumpur
1-Sep-24 5-Sep-24 Cairo
IP04 Digital & Micro Telecommunication Systems 10 21-Apr-24 2-May-24 Cairo
13-Oct-24 24-Oct-24 Cairo
IP05 Basics of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC I) 5 12-May-24 16-May-24 Cairo
10-Nov-24 14-Nov-24 Cairo
IP06 Advanced Applications of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCII) 5 9-Jun-24 13-Jun-24 Dubai
8-Dec-24 12-Dec-24 Cairo
IP07 Calibration of Electrical & Electronic Measuring Instruments 5 21-Jan-24 25-Jan-24 Cairo
21-Jul-24 25-Jul-24 Cairo
IP08 Electronic Instrumentation for Industrial Processes 5 18-Feb-24 22-Feb-24 Cairo
18-Aug-24 22-Aug-24 Dubai
IP09 Process Control Instrumentation Technology 5 17-Mar-24 21-Mar-24 Cairo
15-Sep-24 19-Sep-24 Dubai
IP10 Maintenance of Electrical & Electronic Measuring Instruments 5 28-Apr-24 2-May-24 Kuala Lumpur
27-Oct-24 31-Oct-24 Cairo
IP11 Distribution Control System 5 26-May-24 30-May-24 Kuala Lumpur
24-Nov-24 28-Nov-24 Cairo
IP12 Advanced Control Systems 5 30-Jun-24 4-Jul-24 Cairo
22-Dec-24 26-Dec-24 Cairo
IP13 Control System in Station DCS /PLC 5 7-Jan-24 11-Jan-24 Dubai
7-Jul-24 11-Jul-24 Cairo
IP14 Advanced Process Control 5 4-Feb-24 8-Feb-24 Cairo
4-Aug-24 8-Aug-24 Cairo
IP15 Instrumentation Control & Mechanical Equipment Maintenance 5 3-Mar-24 7-Mar-24 Cairo
1-Sep-24 5-Sep-24 Istanbul
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