Code Name StartDate/Location
DR01 Basic Drilling Technology
DR02 Drilling Principles & Practices
DR03 Drilling Optimization & Well Planning
DR04 Basic Directional Drilling
DR05 Horizontal Drilling
DR06 Multilateral Technology of Oil & Gas Wells
DR07 Advanced Drilling Fluids Technology
DR08 Stuck Pipe & Fishing Operation
DR09 Well Completion Design & Productivity (Advanced)
DR10 Advanced Well Control
DR11 Drill Bit Technology
DR12 Casing & Well Design
DR13 Advanced Drill String Design
DR14 Cementing Technology
DR15 Basic Drilling Fluids
DR16 Wireline & Formation Evaluation
DR17 Basic Completion Program
DR18 Well Engineering
DR19 Well Stimulation
DR20 Drilling & Completion
DR21 Casing & Cementing
DR22 Managing Wellsite Operations
DR23 Practical Drilling Skills
DR24 Mud Technology
DR25 Rock Mechanics & Well Bore Stability
DR26 Advanced Casing Design
DR27 Advanced Underbalanced Well Design
DR28 Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Well Design & Application
DR29 Advanced Casing & Tubing Design
DR30 Drilling Operation Management
DR31 Practical Well Control
DR32 Well Control Surface BOP
DR33 Rigging & Slinging
DR34 Advanced Drilling Operations Management
DR35 Petroleum Industry Overview
DR36 Drilling Bit and Drilling Design
DR37 Basic Drilling Fluids, Mud Technology and Hydraulics
DR38 Directional Horizontal Drilling and Multilateral Techniques
DR39 Offshore Drilling Operations
DR40 BOP Stack and Well Control
DR41 Well Completion and Workover
DR42 Logging Fundamentals for Drilling Engineers
DR43 Drilling Rig Inspection & Maintenance & Investigation
DR44 Drilling Oil & Gas Wells Technology & Equipping of Head Well