Code Name StartDate/Location
MC01 Condition Monitoring Aids & Techniques
MC02 Mechanical Maintenance of Electrical Equipment
MC03 General Maintenance for Gas Turbines & Gas Compressors
MC04 Operation & Maintenance of Rotating Equipment
MC05 Pumps Technology
MC06 Pump Maintenance & Troubleshooting Dec. 17, 2017
MC07 Pressure Vessels Design
MC08 Boiler Operations
MC09 Control Valve Technology
MC10 Valve Selection, Maintenance & Repair
MC11 Welding Technology
MC12 Introduction to Non-Destructive Testing Dec. 31, 2017
MC13 Radiographic Tests
MC14 Operation & Maintenance of Gas Turbines
MC15 Steam Turbines Operation & Troubleshooting
MC16 Diesel Engine Operation & Troubleshooting
MC17 Pipe Work Design & Fabrication
MC18 Piping and Auxiliaries
MC19 Storage Tanks
MC20 Operation & Maintenance of Heat Exchangers
MC21 Principles, Applications and Maintenance of Hydraulic Systems Dec. 24, 2017
MC22 Operation and Maintenance of Refrigeration Equipment for Technicians
MC23 Design of Air - Conditioning Systems
MC24 Design Operation, Maintenance and Inspection of Static / Rotary Equipment
MC25 Efficiency of Power Plant Machinery
MC26 Vibration Analysis for Predictive Maintenance
MC27 Inspection and Testing of Welded Joints Dec. 17, 2017
MC28 Static and Dynamic Balancing of Rotating Equipment
MC29 Tank Maintenance and Repair
MC30 Operation and Maintenance of Pneumatic Control Systems
MC31 Root Cause Failure Analysis
MC32 Corrosion Engineering
MC33 Control of Microbiological Corrosion in Oilfields Dec. 31, 2017
MC34 Fundamentals of Corrosion & Failure Analysis
MC35 Operating, Testing & Troubleshooting Industrial Diesel Engines
MC36 Centrifugal Pumps
MC37 Combined Cycle System Design & Operation
MC38 Control Valves & Actuators
MC39 Corrosion, Erosion Engineering & Cathodic Protection Dec. 17, 2017
MC40 Machinery Failure Analysis and Prevention
MC41 Materials Science & Engineering Metallurgy
MC42 Gears (Manufacturing, Maintenance, and Repair) Dec. 24, 2017
MC43 Bearings and Lubrication
MC44 Study of Electric Control Design and Power for Gathering and Pumping Unit
MC45 Inventory of Electric and Mechanical Equipment
MC46 Power Plant Safety
MC47 Preventive Maintenance Nov. 26, 2017
MC48 Basic HVACR Dec. 10, 2017
MC49 Maintenance Management
MC50 Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
MC51 Maintenance Leadership
MC52 Industrializing Stages of Tubes, Drilling Bars & Joint Tools
MC53 Corrosion Monitoring, Inspection and Control
MC54 Fundamental of Steam Turbine Design and Operation Dec. 24, 2017
MC55 Corrosion Management
MC56 Motors & Movement Caring Equipment and Hydraulic Circuits
MC57 Typical Methods to Exploitation all Types of Oil Pumps
MC58 Material Handling Storage & Safe Lifting Nov. 26, 2017
MC59 Mechanical Seals Dec. 31, 2017
MC60 Mechanical Troubleshooting for Pumps, Compressors, Bearings and Lubrication
MC61 Pipe Line Design & Maintenance
MC62 Modern Methods to Modified Oil Engines to Gas Engine
MC63 Shaft Alignment
MC64 Soot Blower System Maintenance Course
MC65 Steam Turbine Maintenance
MC66 Management of the Petrol Station
MC67 LPG Equipment Maintenance Dec. 24, 2017
MC68 Rotary Equipment
MC69 LPG Storage Process
MC70 Managing Efficient Shutdown & Turnaround