Condition Monitoring Aids & Techniques

Start Date End Date Duration Location
Dec. 29, 2019 Jan. 2, 2020 5 Dubai


This course covers the techniques used to provide earlier detection of the defects before a major damage happens, ease planning of preventive maintenance activities and helps in modifying the existing assets


To enhance the participants, knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to develop a cost effective methodology in the field of measuring the performance efficiency of rotating, reciprocating and static equipment..


By the end of this course, participant will be able to:

  • Define preventive maintenance and condition checking.

  • Understand how preventive maintenance influences total economy.

  • Be familiar with types of faults and the effect of condition checking.

  • Employ instruments and other aids to condition checking.


  • Preventive Maintenance and Condition Checking.
  • Definitions.
  • How preventive maintenance influences total economy.
  • Effect of condition checking.
  • Types of faults.
  • Revision test.
  • Instruments and Other Aids to Condition Checking.
  • Thickness measurement.
  • Measurement of coating thickness.
  • Crack detection.
  • Crack depth measurement.
  • Leak location.
  • Temperature measurement.
  • Aids to visual inspection.
  • Vibration measurement.
  • Shock pulse measurement of rolling bearings.
  • Stroboscopes.
  • The stethoscope method.
  • Spectrometric oil analysis.
  • Radiography.
  • Lasers.
  • Future perspectives.
  • Revision test.

Who Can Benefit?

Maintenance engineers, equipment inspection engineers R&D specialists, equipment – design engineers & high caliber technicians in the same areas