Rigging & Lifting

Start Date End Date Duration Location
July 11, 2021 July 12, 2021 2 cairo


The course provides a blend of theoretical instruction and practical exercises in rigging, slinging and lifting operations. The successful trainee shall gain an understanding of the related legislation and procedures involved for safely conducting rigging, slinging and lifting operations.


By the end of the course participants will learn a basic level of competence safe rigging and slinging various types of loads and safe working practices when working with wire ropes, slings and lifting appliances and routine inspection and maintenance of lifting appliances.


    • Relevant legislation, standards and guidelines and personal responsibilities
    • Safe systems of work, risk assessment and control measures and housekeeping
    • Planning of lifting operations
    • Types of ropes, slings and lifting equipment
    • Pre and post use inspection of equipment
    • Certification of equipment
    • Safe and correct use of equipment
    • Equipment identification and selection
    • Rigging principles and terminology
    • Weight identification and estimation
    • Load placement
    • Disconnection of lifting equipment
    • Hand signals and use of portable radios
    • Awareness of crane operating principles
    • Awareness of conflicting activities
    • Environmental factors
    • Awareness of manual handling
    • Appreciation of dynamic factors
    • Practical exercises involving the following:
    • Inspection of loads and planning of lifts
    • Risk assessment for lifting operations
    • Selection of lifting equipment
    • Attaching of lifting equipment
    • Moving loads using specific lifting techniques including:
    • Cross hauling / transferring loads
    • Lifting equipment change during lift
    • Offset and centre of balance