Fire Fighting in Oil Industry


The participants will learn basic fire, explosion and How to fight oil industrial fires


    • Overview of the basic principles of fire and explosion
    • Introduction
    • Fire characteristics
    • Characteristics of petroleum product
    • Chemistry of fire
    • A tetrahedron Fires
    • Stage of fire
    • Type of fire
    • Sources of Ignition
    • Explosion and explosives
    • Control of fire
    • Fighting theory
    • Kind of fire extinguisher agents
    • Fire fighting equipment
    • Fire fighting tactics
    • Fire fighting system
    • How to fight oil industrial fires
    • Contained oil fires
    • Petroleum solid
    • Uncontained petroleum fires
    • Combination contained and uncontained fires
    • Liquefied petroleum gas fire
    • Pool fire
    • Flash fire
    • Vapor cloud
    • Floating roof tank fires
    • Fixed roof tank fire
    • Froth over
    • Control and prevent crude oil tank fire
    • Boil over
    • High vapor pressure fire
    • Case study
    • Union oil tank farm fire
    • Two-burner boiler explosion

    Who Can Benefit?

    Engineers and staff involved in oil industry and operations.