Environment & Pollutions Controls in Oil Industry

Start Date End Date Duration Location
Nov. 7, 2021 Nov. 11, 2021 5 cairo


This Course offers the participants understanding of the basic concepts of various pollution causes and also discusses various standards with petroleum pollution and effective prevention and measurement


    • Introduction
    • Definition and terminology
    • Laws and regulation
    • Pollution control method
    • Individual process steps and pollution problems
    • Production wastes
    • Oil industry air pollution
    • Hydrocarbon emissions from storage
    • Hydrocarbon emissions from miscellaneous oil industry equipments
    • Flares and waste gas disposal
    • Oil industry Water Pollution
    • Oil-Water Separation
    • Over All Wastewater Treatment Practices
    • Oil industry noise pollution
    • Oil industry soled waste disposal
    • Flue gas de-sulphurisation case study

    Who Can Benefit?

    Process Engineer, Safety engineer, Operators