Local Soil Conditions


By the end of the course the participant will be able to understand an overall view of the following topics: soil, mechanics, properties & behavior of the different types of soils, subsurface water rise, soil improvement techniques, & special construction problems.


    • Role of different construction materials in structures
    • Overview of soil mechanics & soil exploration:
    • overview of soil mechanics
    • field trip (boring & sampling)
    • Types of soil
    • subsurface desert sands
    • cemented sands
    • coastal ground
    • Local geotechnical problems:
    • oil-contaminated sands
    • subsurface water rise
    • soil improvement overview
    • Soil improvement techniques:
    • compaction
    • reinforced earth / geotextiles
    • field trip
    • Special construction problems:
    • preloading & vertical drains
    • instrumentation

    Who Can Benefit?

    Geotechnical Engineers, Structural Design Engineers, Supervising Construction Engineers & Survey Engineers.