Construction Materials


By the end of the course, participant will be able to understanding the required information & knowledge about the different construction materials & the selection of the most appropriate from available ones. It also addresses the technical specifications & the standard testing methods of these materials. The course will cover both traditional & newly developed construction materials.


    • Role of different construction materials in structures
    • Selection criteria & proportioning of concrete materials
    • Concreting processes in the Arabian area
    • Standard test methods for concrete during construction
    • Destructive & non- destructive test methods for concrete in service
    • Interpretation of concrete test results
    • Reinforcement types: deformed, epoxy-coated & FRP bars
    • Standard test methods for different reinforcement types
    • Technical specifications for concrete & reinforcement
    • Lab. Demonstration
    • Repair materials used in construction
    • SampleĀ  technical specifications of repair materials
    • General discussion & conclusions

    Who Can Benefit?

    Design Engineers, Supervision Engineers, Architects, Contractors, Structural & Construction Staff.