Improving Calcareous & Sandy Oil Reservoirs


This course improves the recovery from calcareous and sandy oil reservoir by acidzing & hydraulic fracturing. It enables one to timely select the most beneficial method & set realistic exceptions on production behavior changes and recovery improvement.


To enhance the participants' knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for improving calcareous & sandy oil reservoirs


By the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Evaluate the reservoir before the treatment.

  • Identify and study the causes of formation damage

  • Execute & design acidizing & hydraulic fracturing for both carbonate & sandstone reservoirs


  • Chemical Compositions of Oil Bearing Formations & Resident Fluids
  • Formation Damage
  • Pretreatment Well Tests
  • Sandstone Acidizing
  • Reaction Rate Factors
  • Kinetics of HF Reaction
  • Acid Reaction
  • Sandstone Precipitates
  • Mud Acids
  • Sandstone Acidizing Fluid Stages
  • Sandstone Acidizing Design
  • Carbonate Acidizing
  • Evaluation
  • Fracturing Objective
  • Acid Frace
  • Proppant Farce
  • Fracturing Fluid
  • Fracture Design
  • Fracturing Evaluation

Who Can Benefit?

Production and reservoir engineers & managers involved in projects to increase the recovery