Wireline Operations


This course covers wireline operations. It provides information and concentrate on the proper selection, operation and maintenance of wireline operation. The course gives surface equipment, wireline unit and wireline, tool string, pulling and running tools, lock mandrels, plugs and equalizing subs, test tools, sliding side doors, surface controlled sub-surface safety valves, gas lift, bottom hole pressure (B.H.P), perforator (bailer – back pressure valve), wire line fishing tools


To enhance the participants’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to understand wireline operations


By the end of this course, participant will be able to:

  • Be familiar with surface equipment

  • Understand wireline unit and wireline

  • Understand different tools

  • Be familiar with surface controlled subsurface safety valves

  • Be familiar with gas lift

  • Be familiar with bottom hole pressure (B.H.P)

  • Be familiar with perforator

  • Understand wireline fishing tools


  • Introduction
  • Surface Equipment
  • Wireline Unit and Wireline
  • Tool String
  • Pulling and Running Tools
  • Lock Mandrels
  • Plugs and Equalizing Subs
  • Test Tools
  • Sliding Side Doors
  • Shifting Tools
  • Separation Tools
  • Surface Controlled Sub-Surface Safety Valves
  • Gas Lift
  • Kick-over Tools
  • Valves
  • Side Pocket Mandrels
  • Bottom Hole Pressure (B.H.P)
  • Soft Set Hanger
  • Amerada’s Gauges
  • Memory Gauges
  • Perforator (Bailer – Back Pressure Valve)
  • Wire Line Fishing Tools
  • Pack – Offs

Who Can Benefit?


Petroleum engineers.