Surface Production Facilities


In addition to the characteristics of crude oil, this course covers surface production facilities, such as well heads, flow lines and inlet manifold, separators, emulsion treaters…etc


To enhance the delegate knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to deal with surface production facilities


By the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the characteristics of crude oil.

  • Recognize Christmas tree components and valves.

  • Recognize flow lines and inlet manifold.

  • Identify the importance of separation and recognize separators.

  • Be familiar with emulsion treaters – (Heat – Chemical).

  • Be familiar with oil treating.


  • Characteristics of crude Oil.
  • Physical properties of hydrocarbon.
  • Crude assays.
  • Distillation.
  • Hydrocarbon Gases.
  • Well heads.
  • Christmas tree components & valving.
  • Master valves.
  • Wing valves.
  • Chokes.
  • SWAB valve.
  • Well – surface safety valves (SSV).
  • Surface controlled – sub surface safety value. (SC – SSV).
  • Flow lines and inlet manifold.
  • Separation and separators.
  • Emulsion treaters – (Heat – Chemical).
  • Oil treating.
  • Separators – freewater knockout.
  • Heater treaters – other treating methods.
  • Chemical – electrical – crude oil coolers (heat exchangers).
  • Gas dehydration.
  • Gas sweating & sulpher recovery.
  • Flare stacks and vent system.

Who Can Benefit?

All petroleum personnel