Safety Practices in Wireline


This course covers safety practices in wireline. It provides information and concentrate on the proper selection, operation and maintenance of safety practices in wireline operation. The course gives general safety regulations and covers safe working procedures and practices, operation in heavy fluids & drags, purchase and inventory control of W/L tools and equipments, wire line equipment routine checks, hydrogen sulphide H2S, pre – job operations, fire prevention and control:


To enhance the participants’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to understand safety practices in wireline operations


By the end of this course, participant will be able to:

  • Understand general safety regulations.

  • Understand safe working procedures and practices.

  • Understand operation in heavy fluids and drags.

  • Be familiar with purchase and inventory control of W/L tools and equipments.

  • Be familiar with wireline equipment routine checks.

  • Be familiar with hydrogen sulphide H2s.

  • Understand pre – job operations.

  • Understand fire prevention and control


  • General Safety Regulations:
  • Personnel Safety
  • Safe Procedures
  • Arrival to Camp Location
  • Information Necessary from Supervisor
  • Driving in Desert
  • Safe Working Procedures and Practices:
  • House Keeping
  • Hand Tools & PPE
  • Operation in Heavy Fluids & Drags:
  • Wire line Operations in Mud or Heavy Fluid
  • Gas Wells and H2S
  • Cranes and Lifting Tackle
  • Ladders, Scaffolding and Staging
  • Purchase and Inventory Control of W/L Tools and Equipments
  • How to select the Wire line size and how to keep the Tools
  • Wire line Equipment Routine Checks:
  • Wire line Surface Equipments
  • Stuffing Box
  • Blow Out Preventor B.O.P
  • Location Wire line Operational Safety
  • Care & Maintenance of Wire line
  • Hydrogen Sulphide H2S:
  • Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Exposure Control
  • Accidental Exposure
  • PRE – JOB Operations:
  • Wire line Operations
  • Gasoline
  • Material Storage
  • Sanitation
  • Fire Prevention and Control:
  • Fire Prevention
  • Fire Protection & Control