Production Technology


This course covers production technology. It thereby enables one to timely select the most beneficial technology and set realistic expectations on production behavior changes and recovery improvement. The impacts of the selected technology on personnel training, technology transfer, and facility modification are also covered. Many illustrative problems, worked in the class by teams, are helpful in gaining a better grasp of the subject matter.


To enhance the participants’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to understand and apply technology of oil production


By the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Determine reservoir properties.

  • Understand recovery process and reservoir life cycle.

  • Apply improved recovery methods.

  • Evaluate well productivity.

  • Understand NODAL Analysis.

  • Understand artificial lift systems


  • Reservoir properties review.
  • Recovery process & reservoir life cycle.
  • Improved recovery methods.
  • Well productivity.
  • Productivity index.
  • Multi-flow pressure gradient.
  • Use of production logging in problem analysis.
  • NODAL Analysis.
  • NODAL concept.
  • Finding where pressure losses occur.
  • Matching inflow / outflow.
  • Future inflow / outflow diagrams.
  • Designing well completions.
  • Perforating techniques.
  • Artificial lift systems.
  • Lift concepts.
  • Artificial lift methods – applications & limitations.

Who Can Benefit?


Petroleum engineers.