Plant Shutdown Systems


This course covers plant shutdown systems. Discussions on the hazards recognition concepts, hazards related to various systems, alarms & shutdown signals, API safe charts, shutdown systems testing, shutdown systems maintenance


To enhance the participants' knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to understand plant shutdown systems


By the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand hazards recognition concepts.

  • Understand hazards related to different shutdown systems

  • Be familiar with shutdown signals.

  • Understand API safe charts.

  • Test shutdown systems.


  • Hazards recognition concepts.
  • Hazards related to:
  • Emergency shutdown & blowdowns.
  • Shutdown systems & levels.
  • Flare systems.
  • Over pressure relief systems.
  • Plant depressurization.
  • Open & closed drain systems.
  • Pipeline systems including pig operations.
  • Compressors & wet gas hazards.
  • Inflammable & toxic gases.
  • Gas flaring & effects of radiation.
  • Use of chemicals.
  • Compressed air systems.
  • Fire & gas detection.
  • Alarms & shutdown signals.
  • API safe charts.
  • Shutdown systems testing.
  • Shutdown systems maintenance.

Who Can Benefit?

Production & Chemical engineers.