Increase Efficiency formation who its Caring Heavy & Viscous Oil


This course covers the problems of heavy & viscous oils and of the techniques of heavy oil recovery by thermal methods. It enables one to timely select the most beneficial method and set realistic expectations on production behavior changes and recovery improvement


To enhance participants' knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to increase efficiency formation targeting caring heavy & viscous oil


By the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Reasons and causes for less than theoretically possible recovery for heavy & viscous oil

  • Mechanisms responsible for recovery improvement in various EOR methods

  • Thermal methods : introduction to heat ( hot water ,steam, combustion ,inter-well & huff- & Puff ) in the reservoir important variables that control recovery improvement in thermal methods

  • Economic evaluation


  • Characteristic Of Heavy Oil
  • Problems Of Heavy & Viscous Oils And Secondary
  • Primary & Secondary Recovery Of Heavy Oil
  • Heavy Oil Recovery By Thermal Methods
  • Injection Of Hot Fluids
  • Steam Injection
  • Steam Flood
  • Reservoir Zones During , Steam Flooding
  • Steam Flood Mechanisms
  • Mechanisms Of Heat Transfers
  • Heat Losses In Surface Lines
  • Wellbore Heat Losses
  • Cyclic Steam Injection
  • In-Situ Combustion
  • Types Of In-Situ Combustion Processes
  • Wet Combustion
  • Calculating Of Air Requirement
  • Operational Problems Of Thermal Methods

Who Can Benefit?

Engineers responsible for sustaining or increasing oil recovery for heavy & viscous oil