Best Practices for Effective Operations, Production & Plant Management


By the end of the course the participant will be able to:

  • Determine the performance levels of major plant equipment.
  • Test performance accurately and interpret results.
  • Improve the efficiency of plant operations.
  • Evaluate plant performances


  • Production Plant Performances
  • Production Plant Design
  • Basics of Reliability Management:
  1. Reliability-centered and risk-based asset management decision processes
  2. Reliability -availability balancing
  3. Development of Fisk-based inspection programs
  4. Development of reliability centered maintenance programs
  5. Inspection and maintenance data management systems
  6. Efficient use of condition assessment technologies
  7. Reliability analysis techniques
  • Reliability audit objectives
    • Plant Improvement, Development and Implementation:

    1. Maintenance systems and practices
    2. Reliability audit program development
    3. Production and process control
    4. Process and engineering design
    5. Planned turnaround management
    6. Risk-bass management of critical and non-entice) plant
    7. Equipment and process condition monitoring
    8. Remaining life analysis of aged plant
    9. Root cause analysis of lost production and failure

    • Plant Management Tools:
    1. Reliability audit procedures
    2. Risk-bass Inspection and assessment
  • Optimization strategies and tools
    • Production Plant Feasibility Study
    • Fundamentals of Investment Analysis