Process Plant Start up Commissioning and Troubleshooting


The initial start-up of any plant, irrespective of size, type, or industry, is a unique occurrence. Therefore, start-up poses some special problems. Lack of experience in dealing with these problems has frequently resulted in prolonged and costly startups. This 10-day course will provide guidelines for all those involved in the execution of a project on how to achieve a successful plant start-up. The requirements for start-up oriented thinking at all stages of the project, from engineering to commissioning, will be demonstrated.

The course covers estimating of start-up costs, personnel requirements, and resources. It defines the vital role of project management and plant personnel in the preparation and planning for successful start-up of any process plant. Emphasis is on effective planning and use of available resources, both material and manpower.

Troubleshooting performed during the actual start-up can be very expensive and must be done as effectively as possible. This course demonstrate how effective troubleshooting can minimize the time and cost of going from the initial start-up to full production. The last day will provide a review of techniques and discussion of numerous examples to develop skills in troubleshooting.


To enhance participants' knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to anticipate and avoid financial, technical, operational, and organizational problems associated with start-up


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand start-up terminology

  • Understand how to evaluate a project

  • Determine requirement for start-up success

  • Understand plant personnel involvement

  • Be familiar with problem sources from project inception to completion

  • Understand how to minimize problems and consequences during commissioning and start-up

  • Plan for starting-up

  • Predict start-up cost

  • Minimize equipment problems

  • Understand start-up safety and environmental issues

  • Understand contractor / owner / engineering / operations involvement & responsibilities

  • Be familiar with types of project and start-up organizations

  • Be familiar with lines of responsibility/levels of supervision

  • Be familiar with decision making process

  • Be familiar with meeting coordination

  • Manage start-up manpower

  • Work as a start-up leadership

  • Understand why construction inspection, who perform construction inspection and how to perform construction inspection

  • Understand construction completion as the beginning of start-up

  • Understand commissioning as the heart of start-up

  • Perform the initial start-up activities

  • Understand the start- up troubleshooting techniques

  • Implement changes

  • Plan for shutdown and decommissioning


  • Terms and Tools
  • Introduction
  • Start-Up Problems
  • Discussion: Potential Problems Associated with the Project and Its Start-Up
  • Start-Up Planning
  • Start-Up Cost Prediction
  • Minimizing Equipment Problems
  • Management
  • Start-Up Safety and Environmental Issues
  • Start-Up Management
  • Start-Up Manpower
  • Start-Up Leadership
  • Discussion
  • In The Field
  • Construction Inspection
  • Construction Completion—the Beginning of Start-Up
  • Commissioning—The Heart of Start-Up
  • Start-Up Operations: Performing the Initial Start-Up Activities
  • Discussion: Troubleshooting or Commissioning, Example Situation.
  • Start- Up Troubleshooting
  • Technical Issues
  • Solutions:
  • Implementing Changes
  • Start- Up and Process Simulation (Hands-On Demonstration)
  • Shutdown and Decommissioning
  • Normal Shutdown
  • Decommissioning and Demolition