Hydro-treating and Catalytic Reforming


To enhance the participants, knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to improve understanding of process reactions, reforming reactions and hydrotreating equipment.


By the end of this course, participant will be able to:

  • Define catalytic reforming

  • Major sections of a catalytic reforming unit.

  • Understand process reactions.

  • Be familiar with hydrotreating equipment.

  • Be familiar with catalytic reforming equipment

  • Determine hydrotreating process variables.


  • Introduction.
  • What is catalytic reforming?
  • Major sections of a catalytic reforming unit.
  • Process reactions.
  • Hydrotreating reactions.
  • Hydrodesulfurization.
  • Denitrification.
  • Metal absorption.
  • Reforming reactions.
  • Dehydrogenation.
  • Isomerization.
  • Cyclization.
  • Hydrocracking.
  • Reforming catalysts & their protection.
  • Hydrotreating equipment.
  • Reaction section components.
  • Separation section components.
  • Catalytic reforming equipment
  • Hydrotreating process variables.
  • Feed composition.
  • Reactor process variables.
  • Condenser temperatures.
  • Stabilizer process variables.
  • Prefractionation process variables.

Who Can Benefit?


Chemicals engineers.