Crude Distillation Tower Operations


To improve understanding of heating and desalting of crude distillations.


    • Introduction to Crude Distillation (purpose / phases / heating & desalting equipment).
    • Heating and Desalting.
    • Preheating and desalting operations.
    • Process variables and factors.
    • Heating desalted crude.
    • Crude Distillation.
    • Pre-separation equipment operation.
    • Atmospheric tower operation (Vapor flow - Liquid flow).
    • Equipment associated with atmospheric towers.
    • Vacuum tower operation.
    • Process Variables (pressure, temperature, stripping steam flow, level).
    • Vacuum tower process variables.
    • Maintaining Process Specifications.
    • Fractions and boiling points.
    • Adjusting processes to maintain specs.
    • Abnormal Conditions (Flooding, Dry trays, Upset trays).
    • Double-Ended Composition Control.
    • Interaction between loops.
    • Measures of interaction.
    • Application of interaction analysis to fractionators.
    • Use of materials and energy balance concepts.
    • Complex Towers.
    • Single side draws.
    • Intermediate reboilers.
    • Intermediate reflux.
    • Multiple side draws.

    Who Can Benefit?

    All refining staff