Well-Site Geology & Operations for Geologists


To enhance the participants' knowledge, skills, and ability in the field of well-site geology.


This course will provide a practical overview of well site geology from drilling & mud logging procedures to testing and well and formation evaluation.


    • Well-Site geologist’s duties and responsibilities.
    • Data Acquisition.
    • Rig systems and materials familiarity.
    • Logistics.
    • Reporting and notification.
    • Regular reporting.
    • Irregular reporting. (Reporting during drilling, Final well report, Other reports).
    • Supervision and witnessing.
    • Mud-Logging and associated personnel.
    • Wire-Line logging.
    • Detailed log checks for well-site geologists.
    • Side-wall core retrieval supervision.
    • Velocity shot & core retrieval supervision.
    • Core Retrieval supervision.
    • Well Testing.
    • Pressure engineering supervision.
    • Well-site duties.
    • Lithological evaluation.
    • Hydrocarbon show evaluation.
    • Awareness of misleading information.
    • Procedure (Gas readings, Mud analysis, Sample analysis).
    • Casing point determination.
    • Coring point determination.
    • Side-wall core point determination.

    Who Can Benefit?

    Geologists, geoscientists and petroleum engineers.