Geological Overview for Petroleum Engineers

Start Date End Date Duration Location
Sept. 26, 2021 Sept. 30, 2021 5 Dubai


Provides the basic elements of geology, relevant to petroleum exploration and production.


By the end of the course, participant will be able to know:

  • The classification of rocks especially the sedimentary rocks

  • The geologic time

  • Stratigraphy and the different depositional systems

  • Structure geology and trap development

  • Plate tectonics and sedimentary basins formation and classification

  • Petroleum geology and petroleum generation, migration and accumulation


  • Position of the earth in space, its structure & age.
  • Rocks of sedimentary origin.
  • Geological times & principles of stratigraphy.
  • Basic concepts of structural geology.
  • Habitat of petroleum parameters controlling the occurrence of petroleum.
  • Sedimentary basins & basin evolution.
  • Subsurface features controlling petroleum accumulation.
  • Application of contour maps to field development.
  • Cross – sections & paleogeologic maps.
  • Principles of correlation.
  • Introduction to geological modeling.

Who Can Benefit?

All geoscientists and engineers in exploration & production.