Wireline Well Logging

Start Date End Date Duration Location
Dec. 6, 2020 Dec. 10, 2020 5 Cairo


The ability to use well log fundamentals, tools and techniques in qualitatively and quantitavely evaluation of prospective formations.


This course covers the fundamentals of logging tools & techniques and discusses using log data to evaluate prospective formations. This will analyze log data to obtain critical reservoir properties. This also uses petro-physics to optimize the effort of integrated, multi-disciplining team.


    • Introduction¬†: Petrophysical aspects of well logging.
    • Interaction of rocks & fluids in static & dynamic situations.
    • Wire line logging and the scientific principles on which it is based.
    • Comparing wire line logging to other conventional downhole evaluation.
    • Well site logging equipment & procedures.
    • The running & pulling procedure for Baker, Otis & other systems.
    • Porosity determination.
    • Resistivity determination.
    • Saturation determination.
    • Formation strength analysis.
    • Why log and seismic data often disagree?

    Who Can Benefit?

    All geologists, geoscientists and petroleum engineers.