Formation Evaluation


Evaluate porosity, permeability and fluid saturation using different logging data.


The course stresses the theory, measurements, applications, limitations of the available logging tools. Interpretation methods for rock typing, lithology, porosity and hydrocarbon saturation are reviewed.


    • Introduction to the log evaluation
    • Well Logging and its applications
    • Basic Evaluation Concepts
    • Clean Formations Interpretation
    • RW determination Methods
    • The SP Curve
    • Gamma Ray Logs
    • Porosity: Sonic Log
    • Porosity: Litho- Density Log
    • Porosity: Compensated Neutron Log
    • The EPT Log
    • RT from Resistively Tools
    • RXO From Micro Tools
    • Shaly Sands Interpretation

    Who Can Benefit?

    Petroleum and reservoir engineers, production technologists, drilling engineers, geologists and geophysicists.