Basin Analysis & Habitat of Hydrocarbons in Sedimentary Basins


To evaluate the sedimentary basin and determine its petroleum potential.


This course identifies the important elements essential to analyze the potential of the basin qualitatively & quantitatively.

  • It also develops the understanding of the exploration plays expected in the basin.

  • The classification of the basins and its potential for oil and gas discoveries.

  • It provides the systematic techniques of basin analysis to evaluate & develop the oil and gas exploration program of the basins.

  • It also evaluates & improves modeling the different basins and enhances evaluation of new exploration plays and prospects.


  • Review of exploration concepts.
  • Geological situations where petroleum accumulations are possible.
  • Geodynamics & geothermics of basin evolution.
  • The impact of plate tectonics on basin formation.
  • Different basin types.
  • Depositional systems analysis.
  • Sequence strategraphic analysis.
  • Subsidence analysis.
  • Geohistorical analysis.
  • Tectonic processes involved in the development of sedimentary basins.
  • The role of sedimentary basins in forming oil and gas.
  • Use of geochemistry in regional evaluation & basin analysis.

Who Can Benefit?

Exploration & Production Geo-scientists, Petroleum & Reservoir Engineers, Managers, Supervisors and Petroleum Economists.