Well Stimulation


  • Fundamentals of Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Assessing well performance and formation damage
  • Fracturing theory
  • Selecting propping agents
  • Deciding which wells to fracture
  • Basic treatment sizing
  • Predicting results of fracturing
  • Equipment and operations overview
  • Selecting fracturing fluids 
  • Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Information collection
  • On-site use of 3D simulators
  • Importance of laboratory work
  • Decision-tree for on-the-fly use   
  • Development of best strategy 
  • Operational guidelines
  • Best design use of 3-D simulators
  • Quality assurance procedures
  • Economic optimization 
  • Fracture Diagnostics
  • Matrix and Fracture Acidizing, New Stimulation Technologies
  • Types of acids and applications 
  • Effective matrix acidizing
  • Sludges, emulsions, iron, precipitates
  • Factors affecting fracture acidizing success
  • Acid placement techniques
  • New developments and emerging stimulation technologies

Who Can Benefit?

Engineers, geologists, technologists and operations personnel who want to learn or advance their knowledge of well stimulation.