Offshore Drilling Operations


The course is designed to give an overview offshore technology of oil and gas wells. It introduces offshore rigs, motion compensation, marine risers, blowout prevention and subsea control system. It also introduces subsea production and diving operations, well testing and certification and insurance of offshore drilling units. It helps attendants to understand offshore technology and selection of offshore rigs and tools.


    • Introduction: Marine Meteorology
    • Offshore Technology: Mobile Drilling Units, Stability and Moving, Wind, Wave and Current Forces, Spread Mooring Systems, Dynamic Positioning.
    • Motion Compensation and Marine Risers: Tensioning Systems, Consideration of Marine Risers, Surface Motion Compensation.
    • Blowout Prevention: Offshore Blowouts and Fires, Blowouts Preventers, Chock/Kill Valves, Unitized Blowout Preventers, Operating Procedures, Subsea Control Systems.
    • Subsea Production and Diving Operations: Subsea Production Systems, Diving Operations and Equipment.
    • Drill String Testing: Downhole Well Testing, Production Testing and Burners.
    • Certification and Insurance: Classification and Certification of Offshore Drilling Units.
    • Logistics Special to Offshore Drilling Operations
    • Marine Insurance