Multilateral Technology of Oil & Gas Wells


The course is designed to give an overview of multi-laterals wells. It introduces screening criteria, project management, borehole stability, planning and monitoring multi lateral wells. It helps attendants to understand the technology and to be familiar with well bore problems associate with it. Case histories are also introduced in it.


    • Co-ordinate System and Well Planning.
    • Introduction
    • Applications
    • Screening criteria: Reservoir, Geology, Drilling, Completion, and General.
    • Project Planning: Well Path Planning, Directional Planning, Casing and Cementing, MWDILWD, down hole Motors and Drilling Tools, Completion, Sand Control, Perforation, Stimulation.
    • Bore hole stability: Models, Evaluations, Comparison.
    • Configurations: Stacked, Parallel, Skewed.
    • Completion technology: Open hole, slotted liner, slotted liner with packers, cased and cemented.
    • Productivity and well performance: Productivity calculation, well performance production predication.
    • Economical Validity: Factors, probability, risk analysis
    • Case Histories

    Who Can Benefit?

    Drilling Engineers, Project Engineers and Operation Engineers