Mud Technology


To provide a thorough understanding of functions of mud, mud types, mud testing and mud problems.


    • Definition and functions of drilling fluids
    • Drilling fluid  chemistry and rheology
    • Chemical analysis 
    • Mud weight
    • Viscosity
    • Yield point
    • Gel strength
    • Fluid loss
    • Solid content
    • Drilling fluid  design for carbonates and  shales
    • Formation damage concerns
    • Benefits of light weight fluids
    • Functions of drilling fluid additives and chemicals
    • Clay structure and shale problems
    • Loss control material for complete loss circulation
    • Types of mud systems and their characteristics
    • Inhibitive mud
    • Oil-based mud
    • Low solids non-dispersed mud
    • Dispersed mud
    • Corrosion

    Who Can Benefit?

    Drilling engineers and all drilling personnel