Drilling Operation Management


By the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand and know directional drilling operations and well planning.

  • Understand the tools and methods used including the associated paperwork required on the rig.

  • Understand the impact of right and wrong decisions on well costs.


  • Directional drilling overview.
  • Definitions and their application.
  • Drilling string components, steel quality class, codes and tables.
  • Forces on the drill string – Tension – Torsion – Collapse – Burst – Vibration – Safety factors.
  • Overpull calculations by the API method.
  • Bit types and selection with bit grading exercise.
  • Casing design and calculations.
  • Hydraulics calculations nozzle selection.
  • Hydraulics software exercise.
  • Well tragectory types.
  • Directional control with rotary assembly:
  • Racked – Fulcrum – Pendulum – WOB – RPM.
  • Directional control with mud motor BHA.
  • Mud motor design principles.
  • Mechical jars and hydraulic jars.
  • Directional survey tools – MWD.
  • Practice in paperwork associated with directional drilling.
  • Dynamic fluid hydraulics and drilling fluid systems.
  • Introduction to drill bits, bottom hole assemblies and survey tools.
  • Mud motors and turbines.
  • Deviated and horizontal drilling tools / techniques.
  • Azimuth – Inclination – Convergence – UTM – well planning.

Who Can Benefit?

Experienced Assistant Drillers and higher positions.