Drill Bit Technology


The course is designed to introduce the student to the selection and operation of drilling bits. The course emphasized in various bit types available , criteria for selecting the best bit for a given situation, standard methods for evaluating dull bits, factors affecting bit wear and drilling speed, optimization of bit weight and rotary speed.


    • Bit Types
    • Rolling Cutter Bits
    • Polycrystalline Diamond Bits
    • Standard classification of Bits
    • Rock Removal Mechanisms
    • Wedging
    • Scraping & grinding
    • Erosion by find Jet action Crushing or percussion
    • Torsion or twisting
    • Failure Mechanisms of Rolling Cutter Bits
    • Bit Selection and Evaluation
    • Grading Tooth Wear
    • Grading Bearing Wear
    • Abnormal Bit Wear
    • Advanced Drilling Courses
    • Factors Affecting Tooth Wear
    • Effect of Tooth High on Rate of Tooth wear
    • Effect of Rotary speed on Rats of tooth Wear
    • Factors Affecting Bearing Wear
    • Terminating a Bit Run
    • Factors Affecting penetration Rate Bit Type
    • Formation characteristics
    • Drilling fluid properties
    • Operating Conditions
    • Bit Tooth Wear Bit Hydraulics
    • Penetration rate equation
    • Bit operation

    Who Can Benefit?

    Drilling engineer, drilling supervisors, senior engineers and team leaders in drilling engineers / operations