Directional Horizontal Drilling and Multilateral Techniques


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Select the correct type of well for specific purposes.

  • Plan the well given well head, and target data.

  • Select the appropriate down hole tools to drill the well.

  • Understand the operation of down hole measuring equipment.

  • Interpret survey data, carry out survey calculations and plot survey positions on the will plan.

  • Recognize and avoid down -hole problems.

  • Analyze well shapes and project ahead.


  • Co-ordinate System and Well Planning
  • Directional Plan
  • Deflecting Tools
  • Down Hole Motors and Bottom Hole Assemblies
  • Survey Equipment and Survey Interpretation
  • Survey Instruments, Methods and Calculations
  • Dog Leg Severity
  • Types of Horizontal Wells
  • Horizontal Well Planning
  • Torque and Drag Calculations
  • BHA for Horizontal Well Design
  • Multilateral Well Techniques
  • Practical Simulator Exercises on the Personal Computer