Cementing Technology


Well cementing is the process of bonding the pipe to the formation on other operation in drilling or completion process plays as important a role in the producing life of the well as does a successful primary cement job.


    • Principle functions of cementing
    • Basic Cementing
    • Cementing Equipment
    • Setting up a cementing job
    • Preplanning
    • Bulk handling and starge
    • Properties of slurries required for cementing Hole /slurry considerations
    • Strength of cements to support pipe
    • Mixing water
    • Slurry density
    • Cement additions
    • Cement accelerations
    • Cement retarders
    • Last circulation additives
    • Special additives for cement
    • Casing equipment
    • Considerations during cement
    • Placements techniques
    • Considerations after cement
    • Special cement situations
    • Continued special cement situations
    • Plugging
    • Types of cement plugs
    • Placement techniques
    • Testing cement plugs
    • Squeeze cementing
    • Squeeze techniques
    • Job planning
    • Squeeze packers
    • Water control
    • Identifying the problem
    • Designing treatments for problems
    • Infectivity patterns
    • Cementing horizontal deviated well bores

    Who Can Benefit?

    Drilling Engineers, Drilling supervisors with over tow years working experience in drilling engineering operations