Casing & Well Design


The first design task in preparing the well plan is selecting the depth to which the casing will be run and commented in this course drilling engineer will learn how he can consider geological Conditions as formation pressures and fracture gradients for casing setting depth selection. Also, in this course will discuss the procedures, formulas, and rule of thumb for developing a detailed casing program.


    • Types of Casing and Tubing
    • Drive Conductor
    • Surface casing
    • Intermediate casing
    • Liners
    • Setting Depth Design Procedures
    • Setting Depth for Intermediate & Deeper Strings
    • Surface Casing Depth Selection
    • Casing weights and Grades Tapered Seal Threads
    • Metal to Metal Seal Threads
    • Resilient Seals
    • Loading Considerations
    • Collapse
    • Burst
    • Tension
    • Compression
    • Collapse
    • Burst Design
    • Tension Design
    • Design Consideration
    • Conductor Casing
    • Surface casing
    • Protective Casing
    • Production Tubing
    • Production String
    • Production Liner Clearance
    • Special Casing Design Considerations
    • Shock Loading
    • Changing Internal pressure
    • Changing External pressure
    • Thermal Effect
    • Casing Landing
    • Example Design
    • (Continued) Example design
    • Environmental Consideration¬†
    • Corrosion H2S
    • Salt Mechanical Loading
    • Hole Deviation
    • Special loading Conditions
    • Six Landing methods for casing

    Who Can Benefit?

    Drilling engineers, drilling supervisors, senior engineers and team leaders in drilling engineering / operations