Casing & Cementing


By the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Select casing sizes and setting depths to achieve well objectives

  • Determine casing loads for design purposes

  • Design casing properties to meet burst, collapse, and tensile strength requirements

  • Conduct casing running operations safely and successfully

  • Specify cement slurry properties and volumes to meet well objectives

  • Determine best procedures for attaining successful primary cementing

  • Conduct stage jobs, squeeze jobs and set cement plugs


  • Selecting casing & hole sizes
  • Setting depths
  • Casing loads
  • Selecting casing & connections
  • Casing stress calculations
  • Cement and cement additives
  • Selecting appropriate slurries
  • Mud removal & cement placement
  • Stage cementing, squeezes, & plugs
  • Preventing gas migration
  • Cementing calculations
  • Cementing equipment
  • Well head equipment

Who Can Benefit?

Personnel responsible for planning, overseeing, and conducting casing and cementing operations; operator and service personnel