Basic Drilling Technology


To provide an in-depth appreciation of drilling equipment and operations.


    • Preparation for Drilling Operations:
    • Oil Companies Drilling Contractors, Service
    • Companies and Government Bodies
    • Basic Petroleum Geology
    • Types of Drilling:
    • Land Rig
    • Fixed Platforms
    • Tension Leg Platforms
    • Semi Submersible Rigs
    • Jack up Drilling Rigs
    • Drill Ships and Barges
    • Rig Equipment:
    • Hoisting System
    • Rotating System
    • Power System
    • Blowout Prevention System
    • Circulating System
    • Auxiliary Equipment Systems:
    • Drilling Operation
    • Surface Hole Drilling Operations
    • Tripping Operations
    • Running and Cementing Casing
    • Coring, Logging, Testing and Fishing
    • Abandonment

    Who Can Benefit?

    Personnel requiring a comprehensive introduction to drilling equipment and operations.

    Delegates may be new employees or existing drilling personnel who are being promoted and will require a greater depth of knowledge for their new position.

    Shore-based operational staff that require being conversant with all aspects of drilling equipment and practices.