Advanced Well Control


Understanding of fluid pressure in well bore has made possible improved techniques for well-pressure control and has given drilling engineers more confidence when handling well kicks.


    • Principles, Preventive Measures, Detection when should a well be shut in Rise in pit volume
    • Kicks & Killing Procedures:
    • Drill pipe
    • What happens when Bottom Hole Pressure is held Constant
    • Shut in the well
    • Determining Initial Circulating Pressure
    • Killing a Kick with String on Bottom
    • Low Choke Pressure Method
    • Gas Migration
    • String off Bottom
    • Simulated Blowout Preventer Drills
    • Testing Procedures procedure
    • Bop Test Procedure
    • Using tests, Control systems Test
    • Homework
    • Bop Control Systems:
    • Pressure rating
    • Bop struck components
    • Struck components
    • Stack arrangements
    • Wellheads and casing
    • Chokes , choke manifolds choke lines , kill lines
    • Hydraulic Units
    • Surface Stacks
    • Control Lines
    • Annular preventers
    • Ram preventers
    • Rotating heads and strippers
    • Hand – adjustable chokes
    • Remotely operated chokes , valves
    • Accessory Equipment
    • Kelly cocks , safety valves
    • Pit level indicators
    • Flow indicators
    • Gas detectors. mud handling facilities
    • Formation characteristics

    Who Can Benefit?

    Drilling Engineers, Drilling Supervisors, Senior Engineers and team leaders with over two years' working experience in drilling engineering & operations