Advanced Underbalanced Well Design


By the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand advanced methods of screening and valuation from a reservoir asset perspective. Also, planning and engineering methods as essential prerequisites to successful project implementation.

  • Have basic awareness of equipment, site management, rig modification and operational practices needed to implement the technology in an effective and safe manor.


  • Overview of UBD technology drivers.
  • Methodology for screening and evaluating candidates.
  • Estimation benefits using advanced reservoir evaluation techniques.
  • Fundamentals of multi-phase flow modeling.
  • Use of NEOTECH'S WELL FLO to model operations.
  • Class examples.
  • Application to UBD well design-defining the operating envelope.
  • Selection of optimal technique.
  • Selection and sizing of bottom hole assemblies.
  • Selection and design of fluid systems.
  • Selection and sizing of surface equipment.
  • Safety, environmental and regulatory aspects.
  • Operational consideration – procedures and problems.
  • Well control principles.
  • Examples of successful projects.

Who Can Benefit?

Operators and service company personnel interested in transforming a basic awareness of underbalanced drilling into a comprehensive understanding of this emerging technology to improve their ability to optimize engineering well designs and effectively manage critical UBD projects.