Advanced Casing & Tubing Design


Reviewing methodologies for casing and tubing. Also, material applications and selection for brittle fracture will be examined. Special problems concerning the design of critical wells will be covered.


    • Introduction to casing and tubing design.
    • Failure criteria and theories of strength.
    • Combined loading.
    • Probabilistic design.
    • Load combinations for standard and non-standard to loading.
    • Working stress design.
    • Selection of materials for casing and tubing applications.
    • Fundamental of corrosion.
    • Fracture mechanics applied to environmental cracking.
    • Buckling and post buckling behaviour of casing and tubing.
    • Annular pressure build-up and mitigation methods.
    • Casing wear and impact on strength.
    • Thermal cycling and loading design.
    • Wellhead growth.
    • Deepwater conductor design.
    • Designing with expendables.

    Who Can Benefit?

    Engineers in operating companies interested in advanced design concepts applied to casing and tubing design.