Advanced Casing Design


Participants will be able to design casings for any well: onshore, offshore, high pressure and high temperature wells, horizontal and multilateral wells.


    • Steel properties and API casing strengths
    • Fracture gradient: A Rock Mechanics  approach
    • Casing seat selection: graphical methods, refinements, case  histories 
    • Casing design criteria: Collapse , Burst, Tension
    • Detailed Collapse design: partial and full evacuation; when to use each
    • Kick tolerance and kick profiles: industry approach
    • Burst Design: Casing full of gas, limited kick design
    • Detailed tension design: self weight, shock loading, pressure testing, bending forces, thermal forces, pressure-area method
    • Offshore conductor design
    • Production casing design: tubing leak approach
    • Design factors: typical  values; what do they mean  
    • Casing design methods for: Exploration, Development, Horizontal and HPHT 
    • Triaxial loadings
    • API  load lines
    • Stress Ellipse including API load lines
    • Load cases
    • Temperature effects and trapped annular pressures  
    • Buckling analysis  
    • Sour gas consideration: special casing grades and effects of temperature, NACE and European standards
    • Connections: API and premium, methods of selection
    • Well suspension and abandonment  
    • Casing wear
    • Complete well design

    Who Can Benefit?

    Drilling engineers, drilling supervisors, senior engineers and team leaders in drilling engineering / operations