Technical Specifications & Evaluating Proposals تحديد الشروط والمواصفات وتقييم العروض


The Request for Proposal (RFP) is a tool includes the technical and financial used by organizations to solicit bids from vendors for goods and services. More importantly however, the RFP itself is an important document in project management. This course will start by identifying the characteristics of a successful RFP, and then will follow the RFP process step-by-step to construct a request that will meet those characteristics. The course will allow participants to gain hands-on experience in writing and evaluating RFPs, both by creating their own RFP and by researching and evaluating RFPs.


To enhance the participant’s knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for understanding the philosophy and benefits of project management,.


By the end of this course the participant will be able to:

  • Understand what is an RFP and why to be written

  • Determine qualities of a successful RFP

  • Differentiate between RFP (Request for Proposal) vs. RFI (Request for Information)

  • Plan and prepare RFP

  • Determine administrative requirements

  • Determine technical requirements

  • Determine management requirements

  • Determine prices

  • Evaluate proposals


  • What is an RFP?
  • Why write an RFP?
  • Qualities of a Successful RFP
  • RFP (Request for Proposal) vs. RFI (Request for Information)
  • RFP Planning and Preparation
  • Anatomy of an RFP
  • Administrative Requirements
  • Technical Requirements
  • Creating Realistic, Concise, Comprehensive And Unambiguous Specifications
  • Organization of Specification Writing
  • Specifications and Contracts
  • Scoping and Defining Requirements
  • Structuring the Specification
  • Writing the Specification
  • Document Publication and Control
  • Management Requirements
  • Pricing
  • Evaluating Proposals
  • General
  • The Evaluation Process
  • The Scope of Evaluation
  • Information used in Evaluation Process
  • Evaluating Costs
  • Determining whether a proposal unacceptable
  • Establishing a Short List of Vendors

Who Can Benefit?

Tender and contract managers, project managers and engineers, purchasing managers, specification and standards engineers, materials managers, quality engineers, design engineers, and product engineers