Project Monitoring & Control رقابة ومتابعة المشروعات


With tight pressure to reduce costs and implement technology quickly, project managers are under severe pressure to complete projects not only at the promised quality but also on time and on budget. Yet industry figures consistently show that 90 percent of major project initiatives fail to be completed both on time and on budget. This course looks into the unique challenges of managing projects, and offers a roadmap to success


To enhance the participants knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for tracking the progress of the project, evaluating performance vs. plan, and correcting discrepancies between planned and actual progress


By the end of this course the participant will be able to:

  • Review of project planning and appraisal

  • Monitor and evaluate projects

  • Prepare project status report

  • Understand trade off analysis

  • Apply project Cost control techniques

  • Determine the timing of project termination


  • Review of project planning and appraisal
  • Project monitoring and evaluation
  • Indicators and measurement of monitoring and evaluation tools for monitoring projects
  • Project status reporting
  • Trade off analysis
  • Project Cost control
  • Earned value management system
  • Terminating and evaluation