Economic & Technical Evaluations in Engineering & Maintenance Projects

التقييم الاقتصادي والفني لمشروعات الصيانة الهندسية

Start Date End Date Duration Location
Dec. 16, 2018 Dec. 20, 2018 5 Cairo


By the end of the course, participant will be able to:

  • Understand financial and accounting principles, terms, techniques, and best practices

  • The tools you need to perform financial evaluations and justify your own project to corporate management

  • Understand the technical aspects that should be considered in technical evaluations of projects to ensure their technical viability, mechanical integrity and compliance with applicable regulations, codes, and standards.

  • Enhance his understanding of the time value of money and life cycle cost principles.

  • Learn how to perform key project analyses including technical, economic, and environmental evaluations.

  • Evaluate the economic and technical impacts of alternative maintenance strategies and methods on maintenance projects and to select the optimum alternative for the specific application while complying with regulatory requirements

  • Gain a working knowledge of the various cost estimating methods and how to prepare timely cost estimates that are fit for purpose.

  • Enhance his competence and productivity thereby improving his   performance level and making additional value added contributions to their organizations.


  • Project initiation and development
  • Overview
  • Models of project development
  • Project definition
  • Project development
  • Project execution and control
  • Workshop - Key principles and guidelines for successful projects
  • Technical evaluation analysis
  • Key issues in project analysis
  • Analysis of project technical and engineering aspects 
  • Environmental analysis
  • Project risk considerations
  • Workshop – Technical evaluation of projects
  • Economic evaluation analysis
  • Objectives of economic evaluation analysis
  • Economic (financial) evaluation
  • Principles of time value of money and the discount rate
  • Methods of ranking investment proposals
  • Workshop – economic evaluation of projects
  • Business focused facilities
  • Business-focused facilities (BFF)
  • Life-cycle (total) cost analysis
  • Effective life-cycle management tools
  • Project cost estimating
  • Equipment sizing and costs
  • Workshop – cost estimating
  • Evaluation of maintenance projects
  • Types of maintenance projects
  • Concept of component life
  • Technical evaluation of maintenance projects
  • Management of change
  • Workshop – Evaluation of maintenance projects