The Balanced Scorecard بطاقة القياس المتوازن للأداء


This course introduces the management theory behind the Balanced Scorecard management methodology. It is designed for all participants in a score-carding initiative--executives who will be building strategic plans, managers who will be implementing the objectives that support the strategies, and the scorecard pioneers, who will design, build, sustain and communicate results.


At the end of this course, participants will have a working knowledge of the theory and vocabulary of the Balanced Scorecard management methodology.


By the end of the Course, participant will be able to:

  • BSC Role within an organization

  • Reasons for implementations

  • What is meant by "balance"

  • The information and structure

  • Management's use of the scorecard

  • Present the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard

  • Align the BSC to Strategy

  • Demonstrate the pitfalls When Implementing a BSC

  • Link all essential components of the planning processes

  • Focus on the long-term strategy

  • Focus on growing the organization


  • What is the balanced scorecard
  • The four perspectives of a scorecard
  • Aligning the BSC to Strategy
  • Features of a Good BSC
  • Pitfalls When Implementing a BSC
  • Budgeting process and strategy
  • Balanced scorecard reporting

Who Can Benefit?

Executives, managers, supervisors, project managers and team leaders